Probably Not

Probably Not

Probably Not are a screamo influenced post-hardcore band from South West England. Their stop-start style combines aggressive and driving hardcore with melodic, smooth, jazz-inspired interludes. Probably Not toured the UK and Europe with ZilpZalp in 2019 and were inspired to release their first full-length album ‘More Than Skin’ as a two-sided split 12’’ record with the band. ‘More Than Skin’ is Probably Not’s first release since their debut EP ‘The Same Pain’ in 2017. The new record moves the band into a more emotional and contrasting sound which accentuates the energy of their live performances.

Und am Ende sind alles schweißgebadet, denn der spielerische Effekt ist in dieser Darbietungsform eine unglaubliche Energieleistung aber auch Voraussetzung für Ausdauer und Konzentration. (Underdog Fanzine)

Altogether the beats in combination with the rough sound of guitar and bass remind of stormy weather on the open sea. (MangoWave)

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Video zu „Losing Track“ von der TaR 028 ZilpZalp & Probably Not Split